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Magnet Roller, Charge Roller & Wiper Blade Kit


Restores magnet rollers, charger rollers (PCR) and wiper blades.



If, in addition to the Rotby Starter Kit, you’d like to restore magnet rollers, charge rollers (PCR) and wiper blades, then this add-on is for you!

What’s Inside

  • Wiper Blade Guard8oz – 5,000 blades
  • Magnet and Charge (PCR) Roller Etcher8oz – 1,000 rollers
  • Magnet Roller Coating8oz – 1,000 rollers
  • Charge Roller (PCR) Coating8oz – 1,500 rollers

How It Works

The Wiper Blade Guard rejuvenates the wiper blade found in toner cartridges. This increases its flexibility and reduces friction with the drum. The formula also removes also excess toner residue from the wiper blade for a sharper edge and is used to correct the blade’s angle. The treated wiper blade operates smoothly without squeaking or scratching.

The Magnet and Charge Roller Etcher prepares the base surface of the magnet roller and the charge roller (PCR) prior to recoating.

The Magnet Roller Coating increases the electrical conductivity of the magnet roller and creates an easy release of the toner from the roller. This results in a higher attraction of toner to the paper for a darker and sharper print.

The Charge Roller Coating replaces the cracked and worn out layer of the photo charge roller (PCR). The formula controls the electric charge that is transmitted through the charge roller sleeve and creates an even distribution of electrical discharge of the drum.


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