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50km Exclusivity and Lifetime Technical Support


Secure exclusive rights to Rotby products within a 50km radius, as well as lifetime technical support Skype.



At Rotby, we recognize the importance of having a leg up on your competition. That’s why we offer all of our customers the option to purchase a 50km exclusivity license. We won’t sell to any other company within 50km of yours. This provides you with a competitive edge as you’ll be the only business in your region able to restore and repair laser printer and copier drums, magnet rollers, charge rollers and wiper blades.

This add-on also comes with lifetime technical support over Skype. If you run into difficulties with the Rotby System, you can contact us on Skype at rotbydrumcoating and, using your webcam or smart phone, show us in person, your coating operation. One of our technicians will assist you in real time to get the best results.


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