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Learn the secrets drum manufacturers don’t want you to know. Never buy another new drum, roller or wiper blade again! This FREE video workshop will teach you how to coat and repair OPC Drums, Selenium Drums, A-Si Drums, Aftermarket Drums, Magnet Rollers, Charge Rollers and Wiper Blades. Simply enter your email address below!

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How Does It Work?

The Rotby Starter Kit contains formulas and tools for restoring worn and damaged toner cartridge drums. All drum types are supported including OPC, Selenium, and A-Si drums. The formulas in the Rotby System are applied using an air brush spraying process that results in an even and accurate coat every time.

Drums that are coated with Rotby formulas can easily be stripped and coated again. This allows you to use the same drum forever.

Drums that are lightly scratched or chipped can often be repaired as well. For best results, however, coat drums before they are damaged. This will, any scratches or chips will only damage the Rotby layers which can easily be replaced.

The Magnet Roller, Charge Roller & Wiper Blade Kit is an optional add-on that restores magnet rollers, charge rollers and wiper blades. These formulas are applied using the same air brush spraying system.

A drum must be rotated during the spraying process with an exhaust fan to consume the fumes. Most customers build their own Drum Rotator Spray Booth since it’s a relatively straightforward device. Others prefer to purchase one pre-assembled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send you drums to repair in order to evaluate the Rotby System?

The Rotby System is capable of repairing and coating thousands of different kinds of drums and belts. It is not feasible for us to have on hand all of the different brands of printers and copiers supported in order to test drums sent to us. The Drum Rotator Spray Booth is also custom made for each drum type. As such we are not able to coat and repair drums sent to us.  Purchasing the Rotby Drum Coating System is an affordable investment that pays for itself: If you apply our formulas to your drums before they are scratched you should never have to purchase a drum again.

Does the Rotby System support selenium drums and A-Si drums in addition to OPC drums?

Yes, the Rotby System is compatible with all drum types including selenium drums, A-Si drums, OPC drums, aftermarket drums, and large format drums. Selenium and A-Si drums coated with the Rotby System are actually converted to OPC drums. See our Convert Selenium to OPC page for more information.

Can the Rotby System restore Canon ImageRunner Toner Cartridges?

Yes! The Rotby System can restore and repair the drums, magnet rollers, charge rollers (PCR Coating) and wiper blades found in the Canon ImageRunner line of printers and copiers. Click here to learn more!

How can I evaluate the Rotby System before becoming a member?

You can see the Rotby System in action for yourself by watching the Demo Video.

How does Rotby compare to other coating systems?

Other coating systems merely coat the drum. They do not repair scratches, chips, black edges, or foggy spots. The Rotby System is the only one that is able to do correct these issues on drums. Other coating systems often use a swabbing process to apply their formulas. Swabbing results in an uneven and inaccurate coat that is very brittle and subject to cracking and chipping. The Rotby coat is applied using an air brush so it is even and accurate. The Rotby coat is also flexible so it will not crack or chip.

The initial investment in the Rotby System is small and the potential gains are huge. If you are not 100% satisfied with the Rotby System you can return it within 30 days and we will fully refund your Membership Fee. Your business is our business and we want you to be successful. Become a Rotby Member today!

Do I Need a Drum Rotator?

Yes. Some form of device is required to rotate the drums in order to apply the formulas while also consuming any fumes and dust particles. You can purchase one from us or build one yourself. You can read more about the Drum Rotator Spray Booth here.

Can I Get a Discount?

We offer discounts for repeat discounts and bulk orders. You can read more about this in our Customer Loyalty Program.
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Rotby Formulas and Tools

The Rotby System utilizes the formulas and tools described below to coat and repair laser and copier drums as well as magnet rollers, charge rollers (PCR Coating) and wiper blades.

Drum Coating

A/7 – Drum Cleaner: A special solvent that cleans the optical drum from toner, ozone residue and other foreign materials without etching or removing any portion of the existing surface, while maintaining low static charge during the cleaning process.

A/6 – Air Pen Reducer: Dilutes and dissolves formulas without damaging the Teflon parts in the airbrush.

A/0 – Drum Coating Stripper: Removes the previous coating from both laser and copier drums without damaging the original layer.

A/3 – Fog Remover/Defogger (CTL): The Fog Remover replaces the worn or damaged Charge Transport Layer (CTL) on laser printer and digital copier drums. It also repairs foggy spots and etches the drum surface to make room for the new Rotby Layer leaving a surface that the Super Amber pure formula can bond to, all without increasing the drum’s radius.

A/1 – Super Amber Pure: After replacing the Charge Transport Layer (CTL) with the Fog Remover formula, a new Rotby Layer is applied to laser printer and digital copier drums with the Super Amber Pure Formula. Super Amber Pure provides a hard coat for extended drum life and acts as a light filter against harmful UV light allowing coated laser printer drums to be safely exposed to direct light. The new layer filters out harmful wavelengths only without lowering the coated drum’s sensitivity to the laser beam. When a drum is used after being coated with Super Amber Pure, the Rotby Layer is used instead of the original layers.

C/5 Lime Jet Lightener: Increases the brightness of prints. This is used to correct prints that have a dark background. When a photocopier drum is worn but in good condition, applying the Lime-Jet Lightener extends the drum’s cycle and protects it from chipping and scratching. In addition the formula also blocks out harmful UV light allowing coated drums to be safely exposed to direct light. The new layer filters out harmful wavelengths only without lowering the coated drum’s sensitivity to the laser beam.

C/6 Lime Jet Darkener: Increases the contrast of prints. This is used to correct prints that are washed out. The formula also blocks out harmful UV light allowing coated drums to be safely exposed to direct light. The new layer filters out harmful wavelengths only without lowering the coated drum’s sensitivity to the laser beam.

C/10 Buffing Hardening Layer: Hardens and protects the Rotby Layers to ensure longevity. After using an airbrush to coat your drums with the formulas above, you may apply the Buffing Hardening Layer using a soft piece of fabric. This will protect the other formulas from friction, dramatically increasing the life of the drum.

Drum Repair

A/4 – Chip Repair A-B: Repairs small chips and nicks on the laser drum’s surface.

A/4 – Chip Repair C-D: Repairs large and deep chips and nicks on the laser drum’s surface.

A/5 – Scratch Filler Stick: A specialized crayon used to fill the groves in scratched laser drums.

Magnet and Charge Roller Coating – PCR Coating

C/9 – Magnet and Charge Roller Etcher: Prepares the base surface of the magnet roller and the charge roller (PCR) prior to recoating.

A/9 – Magnet Roller Coating: Increases the electrical conductivity of the magnet roller and creates an easy release of the toner from the roller. This results in a higher attraction of toner to the paper for a darker and sharper print.

A/8 – Charge Roller Coating: Replaces the cracked and worn out layer of the charge roller. The formula controls the electric charge that is transmitted through the charge roller sleeve and creates an even distribution of electrical discharge of the drum.

Wiper Blade Treatment

A/2 – Wiper Blade Guard: Rejuvenates the wiper blade, increasing its flexibility and reducing friction with the drum. The formula also removes also excess toner residue from the wiper blade for a sharper edge and is used to correct the blade’s angle. The treated wiper blade operates smoothly without squeaking or scratching.


S/1 – Airbrush Spraying System and Toolkit: Two airbrushes as well as the necessary parts for applying the Rotby Formulas and repairing chips and scratches. An air compressor is not included and should be purchased locally.

B/1 – Drum Rotator Spray Booth: A device to spin the drum during the coating process while sucking up the fumes from the Airbrush System. This provides the drums with an accurate and even coat every time. Our manufacturer custom builds the Drum Rotator Spray Booth to support the size and type of your drums and rollers. If you prefer to assemble it yourself, we can provide you with the specifications.

C/X – The Carousel – Coating Robot: A highly sophisticated, automated robotic drum recoating machine. The Carousel is capable of coating 12 drums at a time, and 50 per hour. The Carousel is designed for very large Rotby Members with mass production requirements.

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