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Drum Rotator Spray Booth

The Rotby Drum Coating System is a spray-on process. Our proprietary formulas are applied using a specialized airbrush spraying system. This results in an even and accurate coat every time. In order to achieve these results the drum must rotate during the spraying process. Also an exhaust fan must be used to consume the fumes as well as dust particles.

rotatorsA Drum Rotator Spray Booth accomplishes both of these tasks. For medium sized drums, a bracket holds the drum in place while allowing it to rotate horizontally. A variable motor rotates the drum. An exhaust fan consumes all of the fumes and dust particles. The bracket can adjust to fit drums of different lengths. The motor speed can be adjusted as well for drums of different diameters. You then apply a very small amount of formula with the airbrush in a back and forth motion, moving left to right across the drum.

For large drums a Vertical Drum Rotator Spray Booth is used. The drum stands upright on a rotating platform. A built in motor spins the drum at an adjustable speed and you then apply the formulas while moving up and down instead of left to right. A built in exhaust fan consumes fumes and dust particles. You can see the Vertical Drum Rotator Spray Booth in action here.

You can assemble your own Drum Rotator Spray Booth using specifications that we provide to you free of charge. If you wish, you can purchase the variable motor and adjustable bracket for holding the drums. Alternatively you can purchase a Drum Rotator Spray Booth that we assemble for you in the USA. Simply submit a purchase order below and we will send you an invoice with payment instructions.
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