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Exclusive Video Demonstration

How to Coat and Repair Drums in Laser Printers and Copiers

This 30-minute video will show you:

  • How to replace the worn out layers of used laser and copier drums
  • How to repair scratches and chips in laser drums
  • How to restore wiper blades, magnet rollers, and charge rollers
  • How to use the Rotby Drum Rotator Spray Booth and Air Brush Spraying System to apply even and accurate coats of our chemical formulas

Furthermore, if you use the Rotby System to coat drums before they are damaged, you will never have to purchase a new drum again.  All customers receive a full 80-minute Instructional DVD with their first order with step-by-step instructions on the coating and repair process as well as lifetime support and video training via Skype.  Purchase the Rotby System today!

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