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Convert Selenium Drums to OPC Drums

The Rotby System is able to convert Selenium Drums to OPC Drums using our air brush system. Buy today!

What is an OPC drum?

OPC standards for Organic Photo Conductor Drum.  The OPC drum is a long piece of metal with a cylinder shape and a delicate outer coat, typically green, blue or red.

OPC drums offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to older photoreceptors, such as selenium, that were labeled hazardous.

The Advantages of OPC over Selenium

  • Superior quality and life: OPC drums last much longer than selenium drums
  • Cost-efficient: OPC drums can be coated and recoated forever
  • Environmentally sound: OPC is environmentally-friendly, whereas selenium drums are classified as hazardous waste
  • Safer: Some studies have shown selenium to be a health hazard and carcinogenic

Selenium drums are a thing of the past, convert to OPC today.


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