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Rotby History
Rotby Laser Images Inc was established in 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts as a research and development firm devoted to the study of the drums used in laser printer and copier toner cartridges. After years of research, our engineers developed the Rotby System to restore the worn out and damaged drums, magnet rollers, charge rollers and wiper blades found in toner cartridges. In 1988 Rotby began licensing the Rotby System to companies known as Rechargers that restore and resell or reuse toner cartridges. Today, the Rotby System is used around the world by Rechargers large and small to permanently fix scratches, chips, black-edges and foggy spots on used drums that would otherwise have been discarded for expensive replacements. With over two decades of experience, our commitment to quality and support is unrivaled. In addition to providing phone, video conference and email support to our licensees, the engineers at Rotby Laser Images work hard to develop new formulas and to improve existing ones. We are currently working on a method that will allow our customers to produce a new drum from an aluminum tube without the need for sophisticated equipment. Increase your profits and become a Rotby Licensee today!

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